Monday, 1 March 2010

Day 2

So I am doing a Challenge this month and for this week I am to write a blog about how I feel.  It may go on but I haven't read that far.  I was supposed to start yesterday but didn't.  So here goes.

Today was Monday, back at work.  I work up as usual to do my exercises but could only manage a small amount of Strength and Cardio.  The rest of my morning routine went well and I managed to get the girls to school on time, come home and read my bible and then be at work on time.  Over the weekend I hadn't managed to catch up on my work paperwork so wasn't prepared to start this week.  Thankfully, I managed to think up an activity.

I have an ongoing issue that is causing me stress but thankfully today I was able to talk it through with my husband and work it out in my own head and I can see a way around it.  I need to now act on some of the conclusions I have come to.

I have been feeling generally a little tired all day and have felt incredibly hungry but am pleased to say I didn't grab the easiest snacks in the house; instead I eat fruit, veg and healthy snacks.

I am way behind on my planning for work but managed to get one section of it finished and that felt good.  I also sorted out the mountain of paperwork that had grown on my kitchen table.  So today was a good day for Admin.

Tomorrow is another day.

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