Tuesday, 27 May 2008

So what next?

So now I have passed the next stage of my college work what do I do? First off, I have to pack this house up and move to another one.

We have been in our current place nearly 14 years; the longest I have ever lived anywhere. I have made mistakes; lots of them. I want to take the lessons painfully learnt and build on them in our new church. I still have a lot of working of things out to do and the change is going to spark a lot more analysing I am sure!

Finishing the course has made me realise that a lot of who I am is wound up in my place here. I have become a more confident person and Christian. I am hoping that as we as a family move down South I will have the ability to just be who God is moulding me to be, wife, mother, friend, ???. I am not perfect and am definitely a work in progress but I have learnt a lot whilst living here. What I am going to do when I get there I have no idea but God has it worked out. I have my husband and my children to help me and me to help them. I want to use the training I have received over the last 2 years to serve Him. The details are not clear at all but I have a heart for families, for those who are disadvantaged in some ways. I may even do further study. I want to teach myself to be a better cook and pass on those skills to my daughters (especially my eldest who is showing a great interest.) I would love to teach myself and the girls to quilt. I have many thoughts and plans but at the moment I am content to leave the details in His hands.

So those of you who read this regularly pray if you have a moment that I will grasp this opportunity and run with it as I have a tendency to cave in under change and lack of direction.