Tuesday, 31 January 2012

How did that rabbit get in my front room?

Now, for those who know me well, it was a shock when I relented and let my youngest daughter have a rabbit for Christmas.

You see folks, I am an avid pet-avoider.  (Dogs mostly scare me and Cats make me sneeze and wheeze.)  I didn't like them as a child and was certain that no child of mine would ever own one.  (I think I said that about girls wearing pink as well, but my resolve slipped there too.)  However, somehow in a moment of madness, whilst out with some friends I agreed to buying one of their baby rabbits.  So on Christmas Eve we took delivery of a beautiful little rabbit.

It was a pleasure to see the look on our girl's face when she opened the box of chew sticks and the penny dropped that there might be a pet in our house!

I have grown fond of the furry creature that lives in its hutch in our Utility Room.  I did insist that it would never cross the kitchen threshold.  One cold Sunday afternoon it was brought through our kitchen and into the front room.  So the rabbit being in its run is a regular sight in our living space.

My family laugh at me as I talk to the rabbit and show signs of genuine affection.  Even I can't work out how that happened.  It was instant.  I enjoy having a rabbit in our home but there is no way we will ever get a dog!

Charlie the rabbit.
(Charlie, because we don't know if it is a boy or girl.)