Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Tick, tick, tick.

I was told that I would hear my heart valve tick.  Whilst in hospital I wondered if they had put the correct kind of valve in because I didn't hear it.  I heard it tick the first night I came home.  It sounds weird but it is a good sound as it means that I am better; that I have a valve that is doing the job properly.

Obviously, having a valve that ticks means I am through surgery.  I had a couple of false-starts but eventually a date became available when my Surgeon was working and the Intensive Care beds were available.  This time 3 weeks ago I lost a day; according to my husband I was incredibly sleepy.  The staff needed to be firm in order for me to give a verbal response to their questions.  I must have satisfied their targets because they let me go back to the Cardio-thoracic ward.  Two days after surgery I was out of bed and sitting in a chair.  However, I wasn't really with it and didn't want to eat.

Three weeks on I am 'back to normal' (in terms of consciousness!), eating lots and walking upto 20 minutes at a time.  As far as I can tell from the Medical Personnel I have seen all is going well.  I regularly attend the INR clinic to have my Warfarin levels checked, have a phone number to arrange my Cardio Rehab and await a 6 week post-op check.

I thank God for the steps so far.  Each day is a miracle and looks very much the same but I don't mind.  I got through Open Heart Surgery and I am in the recovery stage.  A typical day for me at the moment is:

  • Wake up and get out of bed.
  • Read my Bible Devotional and book of Hymns.
  • Eat breakfast and take some tablets.  
  • Surf the net.
  • Shower.
  • Walk; now the they are longer I can have a purpose (eg: go to the shops to buy something.)  Next week I will go for the walks by myself.
  • Sit and read my book.  Or do some puzzles.
  • Have some lunch.
  • Sleep for at least an hour.
  • Read some more.  Spend time with any visitors.
  • Dinner (some of them are being provided by Church friends.)
  • Evening snuggle routine with the family.
  • After the girls have gone to bed we watch one of our TV series.
At the moment, this routine is suiting me fine and I will adapt it when necessary.  I am determined to take this recovery slowly and get fit and strong.