Sunday, 19 October 2008

Coffee anyone?

I am beginning to realise that whilst I am waiting for 'Mega-in-the-sky' revelation about what God wants me to do here, then meeting all the ladies at the church for regular coffee isn't a bad thing. I need to pray for opportunities to ask some of the people I am meeting outside of the church around for coffee as well. I love coffee so any excuse to partake is fine by me but this is helping build up relationships. I am realising that I need to stop looking for ways to serve God as they are right in front of me. God will give me the wisdom I need when meeting with these ladies. I don't want to become a gossip or a sounding board for disgruntled folk but it doesn't have to end that way. We can discuss deeper things and I need to pray before each meeting that what is said is for the building up of our faith and not the tearing down of someone else's.

I know deep down this doesn't stop me from gently pushing doors for further opportunities but until I know otherwise I will drink my coffee, chat and you never know I might even eat a cake or two.