Saturday, 6 November 2010


This weekend is the 25th Anniversary of our Church's existence.  We were not here in the beginning.  We were a long way away in a far off land (well the next county along).  We hadn't met each other.  In fact, we were just weird looking kids with really bad hair and terrible dress sense.  I know it was the 80s but imagine that and then some!  Any photographic evidence is hidden away at our parents homes.  So please take my word for it.  My ambition was to get to the end of my school days alive and Alan was going to be a hermit living in a wardrobe somewhere up a mountain.  Thankfully, I survived school days breathing and Alan decided that the inside of a wardrobe was only good if it led to Narnia.  So he choose Bible College and Church Ministry instead (or rather God called him along that path.)

We started going out in 1987 and have been together ever since.  This weekend we are having our own time of Nostalgia.  The "Some Kind of Wonderful" soundtrack has been sprung from its box and we both know the lyrics off by heart.  I think I look good wearing Alan's future (well, the CD collection that he sold to buy my engagement ring!)  Another of our favourite films was "She's Having a Baby". 

Back in the day it was lovely to spend hours together doing nothing and having no responsibility; having my younger sister sit between the 2 of us when we tried to spend a minute or 2 together!!  I have my suspicions that she was a spy from the family firm but I can't prove it.  Time spent in the Church Crypt listening to music on the old juke box; even now certain songs can transport me back to those days.  (I should explain that we weren't that weird but our youth club was held there.)

Looking forward to the next 25 years of the Church and also life with Alan.  One day this period of my life will fill me with wistful Nostalgia. I prepare the powerpoint for church and have inserted small pictures of things from 1985.  Not very mature but it was good fun doing it!  Our Church celebrates 25 years along with 'Back to the Future', 'Calvin and Hobbes', 'Live Aid', 'Elmo' and many more.

Nostalgia is good and leaves a warm fuzzy feeling but it will not get the cakes made for the Anniversary tea.  So I must away to the kitchen and start baking.  And at the party tonight to celebrate 25 years for the Church me and my girls are planning to whoop everyone in the guess the baby photo competition! 

Friday, 5 November 2010

Dedicated to my husband.

This post is dedicated to the man who has put up with me for a very long time. 

Because the original is one of his favourite songs!!!!!  Whahaha.  Oh so funny.  J/K.

Here is one he really likes:

Let us grow old and slightly crazy together.