Friday, 15 March 2013

Joni's Testimony regarding Suffering.

Joni's Corner | Joni and Friends

This is a talk by Joni Eareckson Tada.  I have known her story for years but have only recently come across her blog.  This is a good talk to listen to, it will take 40 minutes.

Friday, 8 March 2013

A remarkable lady.

 When I read this on Sarah Bessey's blog I struggled at first to think who I would write about.  My mum has influenced my life greatly; as have my sisters in completely different ways.  I have many wonderful friends (IRL and on-line) who have taught me so much.  I didn't write yesterday and then I remembered an amazing lady.  Ironically, she was a Spinster but such a spiritual blessing.

Miss B. had lived for many years with her sister, and then alone.  We visited her on a semi-regular basis and always came away uplifted.  She was only able to come to church once in a while.  Through the years we learnt her life story, and in many ways it was a sad one.  She had cared for her strong-willed mum, and because of that had sacrificed career and marriage.  She had been in love but her mum wouldn't let her marry.  She had wanted to train as a Doctor but that wasn't allowed either.  This wonderful Christian lady never complained; she told the story as a matter of fact not of complaint.  She smiled and laughed a lot and it was contagious.  She served her God by caring for her mum and then others.  In her latter years she was only able to walk slowly across her room with the aid of crutches.  She was determined and would make us cups of tea.  It wasn't unknown to enter her house and find her in the kitchen propped up by the oven making marmalade in a 100 year old copper pot.  She loved Jesus with a very deep love and would talk about Him every time we went.  During the end of her life she was unable to live in her own home so was moved to a beautiful Residential Home and it was there she died.  We still have her 'Common Book of Prayer' in our book collection which we use occasionally.