Friday, 29 January 2010

I love receiving parcels

Today, we received a parcel.  It was exciting as we have been waiting for it.  I managed to contain myself and eat some lunch before I opened the box.  Inside were a precious cargo of books which complete our collection of 'Laura and Mary' books.  I can't wait to read them as a family.  We read books together and my husband and I take turns in choosing the books.  'Silver Lake' needs finishing up then my husband gets his turn (Dr DooLittle) and we can then start working through the rest of them. 

I collected the girls from school and we spent the nearly 10 minute walk home playing a 'Guess what the parcel' is game.  They didn't guess but were as excited as I was when they saw the contents of the box.

If anyone has recommendations of any good family books then please let me know.

And thanks to my friend who so kindly gave us this lovely present.  All 4 of us (and that includes my husband) can't wait to find out what happens.  Maybe, one day (Mr T-like) I will get on a plane and visit the museums etc connected with these books.

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Family Time

We have had a great weekend.  Yesterday, we spent the money my parents give us for Christmas.  It went a long way.  We got an annual membership to a localish event, a meal and a session of Ice-skating.  We enjoyed the whole day.  The Ice-skating was fantastic but much too short a time.  I really remembered how to do it.  It was interesting to observe how differently my girls faced this event.  The eldest held on to the side for a lot of the time and only very tentatively tried skating in the open rink!  The youngest took a more dare-devil approach.  She spent a lot of time on her bottom because of it.  She also, took my husband and myself down with her at different times.  I am going to investigate Ice-rinks near us and maybe go more often. 

Today, we have had a great day.  Dinner was ready in the slow-cook as soon as we came home from church, all that was needed was to crack open the packet of Doritos.  The weather here has been beautiful and spring-like so we went for a walk along a local cliff and down to the beach.  It was good.  The girls got a little wet as they misjudged the speed of the tide coming in.  When we got home the girls started to build a Knex set with their dad as I got caught up with emails.

It has been one of those great weekends that we don't always get.

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

My 2010 Regime

I have started to exercise and eat more healthy.  In fact, I am part of a Bootcamp (Spark People January Challenge) which gives exercise and Challenges every day.  I have found it so helpful as I have to log the exercise I do.  I did try logging the food I eat but I couldn't keep up.  So I make sure that I eat healthy and enjoy the food I am eating.  I write down what I eat and drink.  I am drinking a lot more water and fluids in general.

I have lost weight and inches and am pleased about it.  It has also helped me be more organised about other things.  I have changed my routine a little and things seem so much better.  I am reading my bible more regularly as well.

I am nearing the end of my 3rd week and we shall see how long I can keep it up.  I have found a website that has free exercise videos and will give that a go tomorrow.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

And that is nothing like good poetry.

It was my husband's 40th birthday party yesterday and his birthday today.  I was planning on producing a marvellous all singing and dancing powerpoint with pictures from babyhood upwards.  For a whole variety of different reasons that didn't get done.  My dad put one together from his perspective and a friend found an old youth camp video from when he was first a church worker.  So there was enough stuff to cause great hilarity.

I wrote this poem yesterday morning at speed.  I am not giving up my day job.

There was a young man from Devon
Who didn't know six from his Seven
Books, poems, CDs and obsure DVDs
Were all his joy and his pleasure.

There was a young man from B'for
Who took a sick day for a walk
With a pretty young girl called Lizzy
Who still makes him crazy and dizzy.

There was a young man from Devon
Who came to believe in heaven
3 years of hard slog in Bryntirion
Showed him the things he was serious on.

There was a young man from B'ford
Who wanted to learn and serve God
He studied, read, debated theology
For hours with is friend, Alan Dodd.

There was young man in the Balck Country
Who still couldn't count more than three
But our girls they did come and add more
And he was content to become four.

There was  young man move to Cornwall
Who barely could do the front crawl
Roskillys, sea, pasties and rain
He encountered again and again.

There was a young man who read Herbert
Who like to dabble in Sherbert
Keller, Lewis and Milton; books that he read
But only has this Limerick instead.

There was a young man who turned 40
Who happily married a shortie
So Sincere thanks on and all
For attending his ball. 

Friday, 15 January 2010

A Tale of Two Videos

This is a very cheesy video clip

This one, on the other hand is of a more serious nature.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

Our youngest daughter couldn't make a snowman outside today so she used the Butler's Sink (in our Utility Room) as her base and here is what she made.

We don't have coal in our house so she found the nearest thing to it: mini chocolate bars!  The nose is a piece of junk she found lying around and the gloves are held on by old toothbrushes we usually use for cleaning.

To make sure her hands didn't get cold she put washing-up gloves over her ordinary gloves.

She has plans for more indoor snowman tomorrow.

Its snowing

So we were told it only snows in our part of the country once every 10 years.  Someone must have got it wrong because has snowed 2 years in a row.

My children were really excited.  The eldest one got the day off school and was allowed to happily play in the snow on and off all day.  The youngest is off school anyway recovering from her hospital stay.  She wasn't a happy bunny when she was only allowed in the garden for a very short time.  I had a job (in fact, the penny finally sunk in at about 3.30 pm) trying to explain that she had been really poorly last week, and spending hours in the cold and wind wasn't going to help recovery.  I am hoping the lesson has been learnt for the week and we don't have a repeat performance tomorrow or Friday.

I feel sorry for her but I am hoping all her disappointment is now cried, schemed and whined out of her.  Boy, it is exhausting being a mummy sometimes. 

But now, they are asleep they do both look so lovely and cute.

Saturday, 2 January 2010

The Good Old Days

Just to let you know why I love the age I live in.  We had a Christmas to remember on lots of levels.  In a less technically and scientifically advanced age it could have been a lot worse.  A significant member from our extended family may have not been found if the Police were unable to trace his mobile phone signal.  Mobiles may be an annoyance of modern life BUT in this case they saved a life.

Medical advances meant my girl could be seen by a Dr a few hours after we were concerned for her health.  She was able to go in an ambulance with a supply of oxygen and then was able to be provided with antibiotics which knocked her infection on its head.

So if you want to go back to the Good Old Days please give up all conveniences of 2010, be my guest but don't ask me to join you.

Friday, 1 January 2010

In the light of our Christmas ...

... maybe this should be my attitude to life.

2010 should be the year of getting up and doing things and not just talking about it.