Sunday, 24 January 2010

Family Time

We have had a great weekend.  Yesterday, we spent the money my parents give us for Christmas.  It went a long way.  We got an annual membership to a localish event, a meal and a session of Ice-skating.  We enjoyed the whole day.  The Ice-skating was fantastic but much too short a time.  I really remembered how to do it.  It was interesting to observe how differently my girls faced this event.  The eldest held on to the side for a lot of the time and only very tentatively tried skating in the open rink!  The youngest took a more dare-devil approach.  She spent a lot of time on her bottom because of it.  She also, took my husband and myself down with her at different times.  I am going to investigate Ice-rinks near us and maybe go more often. 

Today, we have had a great day.  Dinner was ready in the slow-cook as soon as we came home from church, all that was needed was to crack open the packet of Doritos.  The weather here has been beautiful and spring-like so we went for a walk along a local cliff and down to the beach.  It was good.  The girls got a little wet as they misjudged the speed of the tide coming in.  When we got home the girls started to build a Knex set with their dad as I got caught up with emails.

It has been one of those great weekends that we don't always get.