Sunday, 17 January 2010

And that is nothing like good poetry.

It was my husband's 40th birthday party yesterday and his birthday today.  I was planning on producing a marvellous all singing and dancing powerpoint with pictures from babyhood upwards.  For a whole variety of different reasons that didn't get done.  My dad put one together from his perspective and a friend found an old youth camp video from when he was first a church worker.  So there was enough stuff to cause great hilarity.

I wrote this poem yesterday morning at speed.  I am not giving up my day job.

There was a young man from Devon
Who didn't know six from his Seven
Books, poems, CDs and obsure DVDs
Were all his joy and his pleasure.

There was a young man from B'for
Who took a sick day for a walk
With a pretty young girl called Lizzy
Who still makes him crazy and dizzy.

There was a young man from Devon
Who came to believe in heaven
3 years of hard slog in Bryntirion
Showed him the things he was serious on.

There was a young man from B'ford
Who wanted to learn and serve God
He studied, read, debated theology
For hours with is friend, Alan Dodd.

There was young man in the Balck Country
Who still couldn't count more than three
But our girls they did come and add more
And he was content to become four.

There was  young man move to Cornwall
Who barely could do the front crawl
Roskillys, sea, pasties and rain
He encountered again and again.

There was a young man who read Herbert
Who like to dabble in Sherbert
Keller, Lewis and Milton; books that he read
But only has this Limerick instead.

There was a young man who turned 40
Who happily married a shortie
So Sincere thanks on and all
For attending his ball. 

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Shelley said...

I love your poem - well done you clever girl