Thursday, 20 January 2011

Big But


I found this interesting and amusing.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Achievements planned for 2011 - Updated.

Ok, so that is just another name for New Years resolutions.

  1. I plan to book and pass my driving theory.
  2. I plan to book and pass my driving practical.
  3. And then drive with confidence and not crash.
  4. I would like to read the bible in more depth.  I have started to read my bible and ask myself a few questions each time.  It is helping as it keeps me focussed. 
  5. I need to stop letting people make me feel inferior.
  6. I would like to laugh more and smile at the little things.
  7. I am plan to seek out more friends.  For so long I have allowed the fear of rejection stop me.  
  8. I am going to carry on with my exercise routine.  I log my daily exercise onto facebook.
  9. Run a proper race.  I have run my first 5k in 35 minutes.
  10. I would also like to join a running club but I need to either a) get my number 2 achievement sorted really quickly or b) or start working on 7 and hope they can give me a lift!
  11. I am going to read a lot more books.  I have already read loads this year, given up the TV license and re-found my local library.
  12. I would like to learn more about cooking.  I enjoy it.  And I am going to be proud of my achievements.
  13. Resume my body-boarding career in the better weather.
  14. To be the person God has created me to be.
  15. To give Debs her giggly big sister back.   

I would say that is enough to be going on with for the moment.

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Today is national delurking day!

I have a tracker on my blog so I can see the location of where you come from.  Although since changing Internet provider I am not sure of the accuracy but I think it gives the correct country.

So who are you?  How'd you find the blog?  Please tell me about yourself.  Anything you want to say.  I want to know who you are.
I started blogging in order to write down quotations but I write more of how I feel now.  I also like to post videos of songs etc.  What do you blog about mainly?

Friday, 14 January 2011

Dear Elliot

This video needs no other words.


Monday, 10 January 2011

'The Silence'

My husband is on a 2 week talking ban.  No, I did not put him on it.  It is per the Dr's orders. 

He has been having problems with his throat since October 2009; we think that he had a throat infection and then went back to work too quickly.  He is a Church Minister so that would have had a negative effect.  All through 2010 he visited our GP.  They referred him to an ENT Consultant who put a camara down, told him it was red and angry looking and then promptly dismissed him from his clinic!

He went back to the Dr in November 2010 who recommended a 2 week talking ban.  Can you start now?  My husband told him that as a Church Minister with loads of Assemblies booked, meetings at various Old People's Homes and the general Christmas Services that wasn't going to happen.  So by mutual agreement they booked the first 2 weeks of January for 'The Silence'.

So my husband wrote a list of all the things he was going to achieve during his 2 weeks off sick (the Church Leaders said he could take the time as sick leave).  He was sort of looking forward to the opportunity to get stuff done. 

Then he went down with the flu followed by a Chest Infection. He spent the whole of the first week of his Silence coughing and feeling like death warmed up.  I think he managed to read some of his books towards the end of the week but the first half was spent sat doing nothing or inhaling Vicks vapour from one of my cooking bowls!  (I will not be using that one to cook with again.)

We are at the beginning of week 2 and the antibiotics the Dr prescribed last Thursday are beginning to take effect.  He feels somewhat better. 

We communicate by me talking and him writing.  I can't understand his gestures (maybe that is a good thing) and he has been known to slip into whispering which was banned as well.  I am hoping the 5 days left will help heal his throat.  It is of the utmost importance; his job depends on it.