Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Don't interrupt me, I am reading a book.

No further comment is necessary.

The Great Bake-off.

I love cooking and baking.  I have a family who appreciates good food of any description.  I am blessed that they will let me experiment with different types of pulses and beans (I love them and they tolerate them as long as they are made suitably tasty!).  My husband can cook decent meals if I am unable to (eg, Omelettes and Salad, Sausage Casserole and anything along those lines.) 

My daughters are beginning to re-discover the enjoyment they had for making food when they were younger.  It is great that they are at the stage where I can be in the kitchen and just loosely supervise their cooking.  They are great at reading recipes, collecting all the ingredients and then weighing them all out.  All I do is check the scales before they move the ingredient into the bowl! 

So tomorrow when they have a day off school, one is making Pumpkin Muffins (so I am using Sweet Potato but it needs using up!) and the other is making Flapjack.  We need snacks for our weekend away and the girls offered to make them.  I am looking forward to the day when they can make me a dinner.  Having said all that I do feel nostalgic for the 2 little redheads who needed my help stirring the cake mix.

(On a related note:  I am looking for Tray Bake recipes so that I can bake lots, eat some and then freeze the rest.  So if you have any please let me know.)

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mummy saves the day.

Today, is bike day for daughter no. 1.  This means she takes her bike to school, gets it checked for safety and puts some stickers on it ('bling your bike!').

On the way home from school last night I realised the shed key wasn't available.  The bike is in the shed.  "Houston, we have a problem" I said to my daughter in not so many words.  Cue: tears and only the kind of drama a girl can produce.  Great, this is not the week to lose the shed key and not be able to get to the bikes.  When we got home I looked around the shed for the key and couldn't find it.  We had to launch Plan B: Take the whole bolt off the door.  In order to do this we raided daughter number 2's tool box to find a screw-driver.  Thankfully, she had the size that I needed and I was able to take the bolt off, get the bike and helmets out of the shed and put the lock back on.  A major disaster was diverted, the tears dried up and I was 'Hero of the hour', for a few minutes anyway.  It felt good to be 'Super-mummy.'

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Is Jesus focused on Sin?

I read this quote on a blog post ".... A good mix theologically, as well.  We have done a good job so far of emphasizing love and toleration over doctrine.

we are not as organized, could use more leadership, but very generous and giving.  maybe too lax with sin at times, but try to be patient.  I am proud to be a part of it.
"   Someone replied: "Jesus was not too sin focused either...except when He was dealing with the Pharisees."

I think I know what the commentator is saying but as a Christian I believe that Christ is/was very focused on sin and sinners.  He mixed regularly with people that society (in other words:  US, more to the point ME!) would find difficult.  He didn't seem bothered by petty local conventions of the day.  He spoke out against the hypocrisy of the religious rulers often and didn't mince his words with them.  But he was still focused on sin, still had the sinful nature of man very much in his thoughts and was determined to do something about it.  He hates sin and the havoc it wrecks on the lives of those made in His image.

In the gospels in the bible we read many times of Jesus helping people in a variety of different ways.  He healed the sick and often forgave their sins at the same time (sometimes before He healed them)!  He stopped the women caught in adultery being stoned; He didn't condemn but urged her to 'sin no more'.  He preached against behaviours that could be called sin. After an hour with Jesus, Zaccheus started offering to hand back any money he had stolen.

Also, when saying Jesus wasn't sin focused, I have to ask 'What about the Cross?'  I believe that Christ died on the Cross because of sin.  He died to take the punishment for sin.  He died to reconcile sinful humans to Himself.  He focused so much on sin that He willingly did this; taking separation from His Father in order that those who believe will not have to endure it.  He focused on sin so that we could have a better life here on earth and in heaven. 

I firmly believe that Christians should be focused on sin and sinners just like Jesus. We should go out into the world and preach the good news of Jesus (which includes sin) and help the sick, disaffected etc etc of Society.  Jesus did both and so should we.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I am a great fan of adoption, but then again I am slightly biased.  My two growing red-heads were brought into our family that way. 

I came across this video a while ago and was reminded today when my husband found it again.

I love this.  When my husband showed it to our girls today the first response our eldest gave was 'I am adopted twice!'  That did my heart good to hear when he told me.  I am so pleased to be their mum but also pleased that they feel they are adopted into God's family.  It is our prayer that as they grow they will be strong and holistically healthy humans who long to serve Jesus and others.  We long for them to be confident in the kind of people God has created them to be. 

Saturday, 11 June 2011

In His Shoes

This is cute.


Thursday, 9 June 2011

There is nothing new under the sun

We don't have a TV License at the moment, that means we can't watch programmes as they are being broadcast.  For the few programmes we watch we make good use of catch-up services on the internet.  This means I am reading a lot more.

I have read a lot of books this year.  At least 3 of them brought to my mind the horrors of prejudice.  I have read 'An Imperfect God - George Washington, His Slaves and the Creation of America' and was once again shocked about the inhumane treatment of slaves, all because of the colour of their skin.  That the slave triangle ever came into existence is beyond belief but the fact that it lasted for so long is incredible.  Thank God for William Wilberforce and others who fought hard to abolish the trade.

Alas, our job is not completed as modern day slavery still exists around our world.  In the 21st Century.

'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' is another book about prejudice.  Told from the point of view of a 9 year old boy.  Towards the end of the book he has a conversation with his sister and it is obvious he hasn't understood that he isn't supposed to like the Jews.  During the conversation he says "I don't understand why we're not allowed on the other side of it (the fence).  What's so wrong with us that we can't go over there and play?"  His sister tries to explain that the Jews have to stay together, and that they ('the Opposites') can't mix with them.  The little boy just doesn't understand this at all and asks his sister "Well, why don't we like them?"  Her answer is short and to the point "Because they're Jews,". 

Are we any different today?  How many people don't mix with 'Opposites' just because of race, colour or some other different feature?  Thank God, Christianity (in its perfect form as Jesus created it) is without prejudice 'There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. And if you are Christ's, then you are Abraham's offspring, heirs according to promise.'

The last book I want to mention is called  'The Island' by Victoria Hislop.  It is a story about a lady who wants to find out about her past.  She is led to Crete and finds out things that she didn't know and people she didn't know existed.  One theme in the book is leprosy and how people react to those with it.  Misinformation and folklore lead to lots of prejudice and awful behaviour perpetrated from one group of humans towards another.

In the UK recently a reporter went undercover for 5 weeks into a home for adults with learning disabilities.  He recorded the behaviour he witnessed and then made a TV programme about it.  The Carers' behaviour towards their clients was abhorrent; the men and women were abused purely because of their disabilities.  Here is a report about it and a video which is distressing. 

The awful thing is that the report is recent.  It is now.  It is no different from what went on during the slave trade and the war.  It is sad.  We have to use our voices to speak out against prejudice and hatred.  And the show the world that there is a hope and a different way in the person of Jesus.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

I did it!

Way back in February (the last time I posted!) I entered a 5k race (Race for Life).  I carried on with my usual exercise plan but also went back to running after a hiatus over the winter months.  I whizzed through the C25K this year as I found I was able to run without expiring.  I eventually got to the 5k run.  I admit to running some of them in my house, going round and round the rooms.  But I still ran 5k.

A month ago, I ran the whole race around the edge of my town.  It was early in the day but it was a beautiful Spring Day.  I was listening to my cheesy C25K Christian Indie music that both inspires and makes me laugh. I had a great run and even (dare I say this) enjoyed the run.  You have to understand when I was younger I could barely run the first 200 metres of a 1500 run!  I would get wheezy just running around the playground with friends.  Looking back now I think you could say I had asthma but it wasn't treated and therefore, exercise could be difficult for me.  My ability to run now as an adult has come from having my asthma treated and shear determination.  So back to that Thursday a month ago.  I arrived home proud of myself.  I had run a 5k and was on track for my race.

Except that night my small toe on my left foot started to feel funny.  I put it down to a bad pair of socks rubbing my feet.  I woke up on the Friday morning and more of my foot was incredibly red and painful.  Even I knew it was time for a trip to the Drs.  He diagnosed Cellulitis and prescribed anti-biotics and some cream for athlete's foot.  Needless to say my running (and any exercise) was put on hold for a while, even walking was way to painful.  Like someone was hitting my foot with a small brush with fine metal bristles.

I have to admit to being really disappointed that I wouldn't be running my first race, and at the start of my illness it didn't even look like I would be able to walk the distance.  However, as those near and dear to me will testify I am a determined little thing.  I haven't done any training or exercise (except walking the children to school and to work and back for a month) but last night I was able to run all but 3 minutes of the race.  My finish time was 35 minutes.  So all the training has paid off and was well worth it.  Some of the ladies I went along with managed to run the whole race without a spot of training BUT for the little red-head who would expire in the corner after the smallest amount of physical exertion I have come a long way.

Next goal: 10k .......................