Wednesday, 29 June 2011

The Great Bake-off.

I love cooking and baking.  I have a family who appreciates good food of any description.  I am blessed that they will let me experiment with different types of pulses and beans (I love them and they tolerate them as long as they are made suitably tasty!).  My husband can cook decent meals if I am unable to (eg, Omelettes and Salad, Sausage Casserole and anything along those lines.) 

My daughters are beginning to re-discover the enjoyment they had for making food when they were younger.  It is great that they are at the stage where I can be in the kitchen and just loosely supervise their cooking.  They are great at reading recipes, collecting all the ingredients and then weighing them all out.  All I do is check the scales before they move the ingredient into the bowl! 

So tomorrow when they have a day off school, one is making Pumpkin Muffins (so I am using Sweet Potato but it needs using up!) and the other is making Flapjack.  We need snacks for our weekend away and the girls offered to make them.  I am looking forward to the day when they can make me a dinner.  Having said all that I do feel nostalgic for the 2 little redheads who needed my help stirring the cake mix.

(On a related note:  I am looking for Tray Bake recipes so that I can bake lots, eat some and then freeze the rest.  So if you have any please let me know.)

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