Thursday, 23 June 2011

Mummy saves the day.

Today, is bike day for daughter no. 1.  This means she takes her bike to school, gets it checked for safety and puts some stickers on it ('bling your bike!').

On the way home from school last night I realised the shed key wasn't available.  The bike is in the shed.  "Houston, we have a problem" I said to my daughter in not so many words.  Cue: tears and only the kind of drama a girl can produce.  Great, this is not the week to lose the shed key and not be able to get to the bikes.  When we got home I looked around the shed for the key and couldn't find it.  We had to launch Plan B: Take the whole bolt off the door.  In order to do this we raided daughter number 2's tool box to find a screw-driver.  Thankfully, she had the size that I needed and I was able to take the bolt off, get the bike and helmets out of the shed and put the lock back on.  A major disaster was diverted, the tears dried up and I was 'Hero of the hour', for a few minutes anyway.  It felt good to be 'Super-mummy.'

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