Thursday, 2 June 2011

I did it!

Way back in February (the last time I posted!) I entered a 5k race (Race for Life).  I carried on with my usual exercise plan but also went back to running after a hiatus over the winter months.  I whizzed through the C25K this year as I found I was able to run without expiring.  I eventually got to the 5k run.  I admit to running some of them in my house, going round and round the rooms.  But I still ran 5k.

A month ago, I ran the whole race around the edge of my town.  It was early in the day but it was a beautiful Spring Day.  I was listening to my cheesy C25K Christian Indie music that both inspires and makes me laugh. I had a great run and even (dare I say this) enjoyed the run.  You have to understand when I was younger I could barely run the first 200 metres of a 1500 run!  I would get wheezy just running around the playground with friends.  Looking back now I think you could say I had asthma but it wasn't treated and therefore, exercise could be difficult for me.  My ability to run now as an adult has come from having my asthma treated and shear determination.  So back to that Thursday a month ago.  I arrived home proud of myself.  I had run a 5k and was on track for my race.

Except that night my small toe on my left foot started to feel funny.  I put it down to a bad pair of socks rubbing my feet.  I woke up on the Friday morning and more of my foot was incredibly red and painful.  Even I knew it was time for a trip to the Drs.  He diagnosed Cellulitis and prescribed anti-biotics and some cream for athlete's foot.  Needless to say my running (and any exercise) was put on hold for a while, even walking was way to painful.  Like someone was hitting my foot with a small brush with fine metal bristles.

I have to admit to being really disappointed that I wouldn't be running my first race, and at the start of my illness it didn't even look like I would be able to walk the distance.  However, as those near and dear to me will testify I am a determined little thing.  I haven't done any training or exercise (except walking the children to school and to work and back for a month) but last night I was able to run all but 3 minutes of the race.  My finish time was 35 minutes.  So all the training has paid off and was well worth it.  Some of the ladies I went along with managed to run the whole race without a spot of training BUT for the little red-head who would expire in the corner after the smallest amount of physical exertion I have come a long way.

Next goal: 10k .......................