Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Busy Bees

My youngest daughter has been home from school for the past 2 days.  She suffered Pneumonia over the Christmas Holidays and started again with a temperature, wheezy chest and sniffles last weekend.  I took her to the Drs on Monday who advised a day or 2 off school. 

As she is not debilitated by her illness we have been quite busy.  Yesterday we made phone socks for all the mobile phones; the colours and pattern on the fabric were carefully chosen to fit the personality of the recipient.  I also got out a ball of wool, some needles and reminded myself the basics of  knitting, all went well until I attempted moss stitch.  My technique obviously needs more practice and some refinement.

Today, we have been busy making clothes for the large Teddy Bear she was given whilst in hospital.  I was dispatched to make an African-style dress and my girl worked on the other items of clothing.  She found an old pillow case which she cut holes in the correct places, made a scarf out of some floaty material and fashioned a veil from an Alice-band and some more old material.  Her methods were completely unconventional but the finished result was great and we had fun working together. Looks like my old sewing machine will be seeing the light of day a lot more in the days to come. 

Tomorrow, we will most probably be back at school and work. 


Louvregirl said...

Sparrow~~Can you photograph the bear (all dressed up) in what she made?

TheMaskedSparrow said...

I took one photo and then the camera told me it needed charging. I will load when it is charged (hopefully, I will remember to now.)

Shelley said...

Oh - I hope she's feeling better - I love the look of your blog :)