Thursday, 25 March 2010

Why do I bother?

I want to change my blog look again but I never can manage to do it right.  I copy the HTML and then try and add my own widgets but it comes up with an error.  So I will stay with this look until I can figure out where I am going wrong.  If anyone can help then please let me know.


Louvregirl said...

I'm not should work? Maybe get someone to look over your shoulder and help you? Hope you figure it out! I had some widgets and gadgets and didn't work so I just got a different one.

Shelley said...

I am totally clueless that's why I have to stick with the blog look. Actually before I read this post I was thinking how nice your blog looks - where do you get the design from and how did you add it? It's very cheery :)

Shelley said...

OK just found the link from where you got your blog look - I think I'm going to search around for some too. It's time to spring clean I think lol