Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Day 4 - Unremarkable Day

Today was just like any other day really so I will not bore you with the minutiae.  Please humour me as you read the following 2 quotes.

John 221:17 - Feed My Sheep.  "Peter now realizes that he does love Jesus, due to the revelation that came with the Lord’s piercing question. The Lord’s next point is— "Pour yourself out. Don’t testify about how much you love Me and don’t talk about the wonderful revelation you have had, just ’Feed My sheep.’ " Jesus has some extraordinarily peculiar sheep: some that are unkempt and dirty, some that are awkward or pushy, and some that have gone astray! But it is impossible to exhaust God’s love, and it is impossible to exhaust my love if it flows from the Spirit of God within me. The love of God pays no attention to my prejudices caused by my natural individuality. If I love my Lord, I have no business being guided by natural emotions— I have to feed His sheep. We will not be delivered or released from His commission to us. Beware of counterfeiting the love of God by following your own natural human emotions, sympathies, or understandings. That will only serve to revile and abuse the true love of God."

Oswald Chambers by 'My Utmost for His Highest'.  

Question:  What sort of sheep are you?

"I wish I could be like one of the old Vikings.  I'd have the deacons carry me in and lay me down at the foot of the communion table, and then torch the old ship, and it and I would sail into eternity together.  Though in fact I hope they will save the table.  Surely they will."

Gilead by Marilynne Robinson

I am not sure whether I am supposed to laugh at this quote but I did and a few others from Gilead.  I am thoroughly enjoying the whimsical trip through the thoughts of John Ames his son. 

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