Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Day 3 - A Comedy of Errors

Today was a funny old day.  I got up and felt much better than yesterday, so I did 30 minutes of kickboxing plus my Strength training exercises.  The school 'getting ready' section went really well and nobody had to sit on the stairs (including me!)  I had a lovely few minutes with my eldest daughter on the way to school as the youngest went to her Physio appointment.  It was great just to be able to have that 1-on-1 time and she loved it as well.

Work, however, was just one of THOSE days. Everything was all tickity-boo until I cut my finger with a knife whilst cutting up apples at snack-time.  It was a classic example of 'more haste less speed'; the clean-up operation took a considerable amount of my time and that of another work who had to bandaged me up.  It was a good job I had already done my activity for the day.  For the rest of my day at work I had to work with a rather Heath Robinson-style dressing but even that could be turned into a puppet to entertain the children.  I also looked like I was doing a Masonic-type hand-sign as I held my hand in an awkward position in order for the finger to stop bleeding.  Apart from that,  the Deputy had to show a new member of staff around, show the Nursery to a potential new parent and their baby and we had a visit from Rentikol just as we sat the children down to lunch.  And to top it off a child was sick at the end of Lunch-time.  Thankfully, I was able to smile about it.

After school the girls had their annual Opticians appointment.  I was one proud mummy when she told me that I had very good girls who sat and did as they were told.  I am thankful that they have never been much bother on visits to the Medical Establishment. 

I  will have to leave the world of the Net to go and do something more realistic like catching up on my work paperwork.

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