Thursday, 4 March 2010

Day 5 - Who let the grump out?

Today, my alarm went off at 5.55 am as usual.  I got up, collected my things in the same order I do every morning, walked along the landing and then realised that I needed to go back to bed.  Spark People and Exercise TV did not get my presence today as I had a small little lie-in.  I told myself as I snuggled back under the covers, just because you missed it once does not mean it has to become a habit.

It was my last day at work for this week and I am glad.  I did not feel that happy at all. My tiredness made me a little on the grumpy side; and also the thought of a driving lesson.  Thankfully, I finished work on time which meant I could come home and take a breather before the lesson started.  My Instructor stopped the car for me to take the controls very near my house.  I was as nervous as anything but I felt more in control of the car.  We drove a long way from home (well it seemed like that) and I had a variety of road conditions to deal with: Lots of bends, a wonderful straight section of road, hills (there are an awful lot of those near where I live), cars overtaking me and a myriad of Lorries.  At the end of the lesson I felt exhausted but the Instructor thought I had done a good job and I have booked 2 more lessons.  So I feel better about this (until next week that is.  LOL)

I have been pondering about my place in our church.  I am not sure that I am contributing with the skills I have; not sure if there is anything for me to do.  It is beginning to make me feel useless but I was reading today that God Himself is what is important.  Of course, I must look for ways to use my abilities but that must not be what defines me.  At the moment I need to carry on with the little I already do and work on my Hospitality and befriending of people. 

Off to put the final touches to dinner (Salmon and Bulghar Wheat Salad) and we will see if the others like it.

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Louvregirl said...

Masked Sparrow~ You go girl...keep 'plugging away' at those driving lessons. Soon (driving) will become second nature to you. Hope that your finger is farrrr better!