Thursday, 6 May 2010

An over-developed knee muscle

I think I will get one.  At the moment in my driving lessons I am learning Clutch Control.  I have discovered it may be a little easier if I don't have my foot on the floor whilst trying to use the Clutch.  You have to understand I have to master this in the area I live which is full of hills, small lanes, tight corners etc.  So today the muscles around my left knee got a good work out.  I may walk a little lopsided but the theory of Clutch Control is becoming a little more real. 

I will master driving, pass my test and then I will have the difficult task of deciding which type of Beetle to buy.  New

 Or Classic.

Which one will suit my surfing-type lifestyle?  I can imagine packing up the suit and boards in the back, tootling along the road to the beach for a quick ride of the waves and finish off with a long leisurely Barbecue on the beach.

Or maybe not but a girl can dream, can she?

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Louvregirl said...

Love love love the green beetle Masked Sparrow! Can I take a ride with you??! ...Also the 'new look' of your blog is great! lg