Friday, 21 May 2010

Photo which made my youngest daughter laugh most of the week.

OK, so only Harry Hill fans will get the joke.  It is a slot on a TV programme we watch.  We think it is funny anyway.

I sometimes use my phone camera just because I can.  I am like a kid messing around with it.  So today I needed a pair of shoes that weren't going to make my feet get to hot so I put on some white canvas lace-up boots I bought ages ago and have never worn.  My husband says they are very (David Tennant) Dr Who.  No folks, I am not digressing I am giving you background to the photo.  We were driving to the Church Club and for some reason (and if I don't know what it is nobody else will) I decided to put my feet up on the dashboard and take a photo.  I showed my girls and the youngest howled with laughter. 

It is good to know that I can still have that effect on my girls.  Long my it continue.  Although, maybe she was just laughing at the complete silliness of her mummy.  Perhaps, we should explore our daft sides together. 

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