Saturday, 22 May 2010

These are a few of my pet peeves.

I come from a family who are good at pet peeves, in fact almost everything can be a pet peeve, bee-in-your-bonnet, a subject to really get under my skin; if you just try hard enough.  We are good at it.  In fact, if we are not careful that is all we are about.

Anyway, I thought I would blog a few for the few readers I get.  Blogs are often 'pink and fluffy' and a kind of ethereal world that may or may not really exist (you could say that is a pet peeve of mine).  So for you dear readers an insight into the things that 'get my goat.'  (As an aside:  What on earth does that mean?  Perhaps, I could have that as another blog - "The sayings which you hear that don't mean anything at all")

  • People asking me how am I and then not listening.
  • People who are passive-aggressive and don't tell me straight what on earth I have done wrong.
  • Idiots who ride around on motorbikes without their helmets on, and for good measure have their very young children on the bike with them.
  • People starting sentences "I am not racist but ....".
  • Prayerful concern.  If I can't help the situation of another person don't tell me.  I don't want to know.
  • Busyness competitions.  The sooner you all realise that no-one is busier than me the better.  Got that.  Good.
  • Christian tradition being confused with Christian theology.  Lets sort out together on the things that are really important and allow differences in the rest.
  • Amateur Counsellors, especially people who are just plain weird themselves.  If you can't look me in the eye when you talk to me why should I refer others with problems to you?
  • Having a sense of humour that puts others down.
  • 'Uriah Heep' type humility.
Oh, the list is obviously endless and I could go on but I think that will suffice.  Maybe, one day I will post a few of my favourite things.

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