Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I got rhythm

Well actually I haven't got much at all.  The girls should be at their swimming lesson tonight but for 2 reasons they are not.  1) Our youngest got a rather nasty whack on the head on Saturday which required glue and tape to fix and we have to keep it dry until tomorrow and 2) the girls got an opportunity to go and make music with a Symphony Orchestra.  They were both excited about it so we let them go (can't go wrong for £1.50!) 

They are learning instruments.  We are paying for them to have lessons through the school and this is a trial year to see how well they practice.  Well the practising just isn't happening.  I devised a scheme where by they both did about 10 minutes a day which worked for a bit until the sun started to shine; and then they wanted to play in the garden.  Fair play to them it could rain for the next 6 months here.

The thought went through my mind about all us girlies joining the local town band but unfortunately it clashes with the church club.  I don't think it would go down well if we left the latter and the band aren't going to move for us, so that idea is out.  Bummer, I say I was really looking forward to that.

Edited to add:  The girls loved it so much they have asked to sign up for regular music 'jamming' sessions.  So after half-term they will attend them every Thursday after school for 2 hours.

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