Sunday, 18 April 2010

Surf board to the ready.

OK, so it is only a body board and I am not sure that it will take the weight of an adult.  BUT: we now own a body board and wetsuits for the girls in this family.  We asked a family from church who we knew to be water babies where they buy their wetsuits.  They told us of a place that sold reasonably priced middle of the road gear.  They then told us that they had a variety of different sized suits in their loft which were on standby for the visitors that came to their abodes.  They then realised that those visitors 1) had grown and wouldn't fit the suits and 2) had their own.  Would we like them?  Well, yes please. 

All 3 of us managed to find something that fitted.  As I have no full length mirror in my house I don't know if I look like an overstuffed sausage, albeit a blue and yellow one.  My children and husband didn't fall about laughing when I put the wetsuit on so I took from that it is OK for me to inflict myself in it on the unsuspecting public. 

It only remains for us to go to the seaside and try out our new acquisitions, skilfully surfing the waves.  I have decided that the my one-time youth leader is NOT going to give me those lessons promised so we will muddle on and see if my inner surfer makes an appearance.  (I realise that an alternative name for this post could be Midlife crisis and sea foam.)

Disclaimer:  This photo is not me  ............................................................................ yet.


Pam Terrell said...

Not you it! Sounds like fun for you and your girls. Is Alan going to join in?

Debs said...

OOo at last! Enjoying the lovely area which is cornwall!! I have decided if you phone again and don't say at least one positive go getting thing I am going to make you live in my house, with my life for a month... Then you will realise 'Be POSITIVE or go under!' I do not expect you to post this comment... I do love you, but sometimes you do half need some tough love. LIFE IS FOR LIVING.... When we visit in summer takes us belly boarding!

Shelley said...

lol - have a wonderful time in that wetsuit of yours lol