Tuesday, 13 April 2010

These are a few of my favourite things.

During a recent period of bleakness I was given this advice from a friend.  "Make a list of at least 10 things about each of your girls that makes you smile, makes you proud, makes your heart sing. That way, when you get frustrated with them you can reflect on your list and consider the positive instead of dwelling on the negative."  Some days that could be incredibly hard due to my nature (nearly always looking at the negative things) and also the sometimes extremely difficult behaviour of one of my daughters.  Here is my effort:

Eldest daughter
  1. She has the most beautiful coloured hair of anyone that I know.
  2. When she smiles it lights up the whole room.
  3. She is incredibly good at coordinating her outfits and knows instinctively what will work together.
  4. She loves music and will listen to an eclectic mix.
  5. She enjoys food and will try anything once.
  6. She loves history and can retell great swaths of her favourite periods.
  7. She has a terrific imagination which is apparent in her games.
  8. She loves reading or being read to and gets wrapped up in the stories.
  9. She enjoys church and learning about God despite the big questions she has about the whole thing.
  10. She is sociable with young and old alike and will talk to anyone that will listen.

Youngest Daughter 
  1. She is incredibly inventive and makes all sorts of things out of virtually nothing.
  2. She loves her big sister with an incredibly deep love.
  3. She is deeply affectionate and loves her cuddles.
  4. She turns negatives to positives on a regular basis.  (She doesn't let the beggars get her down.)
  5. She loves art and craft.
  6. Her collection of small creatures only stops at spiders.
  7. She has a wonderful Shrek-like humour which makes us all laugh.
  8. She always has a plan about how to work things out.
  9. She knows her own mind.
  10. She has a good grasp on things about God.

I wish I could post a picture of them here but I have an unwritten rule that I don't post many photos of them on the open Internet.  So imagine two rapidly growing redheads with faces smothered in freckles.  One is brown-eyed and has a delicate frame.  The other is blue-eyed and is more solid.  They are not daughters of birth but they are most definitely daughters of my heart. 


Louvregirl said...

Love this particular post Masked Sparrow! Thank you!!

Debs said...

My two lovelies are getting very excited about meeting up with your two lovelies...

Shelley said...

That was beautiful!