Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Hey, good looking

I have 2 daughters.  They are both beautiful and clever.  I am not in anyway bias!  They have completely different takes on life already at their young age.

My eldest girl likes to look good, she is only 8 years old.  She is interested in fashion and how clothes go together.  I have only taken an interest for myself in the past few years.  Growing up I was never interested in clothes, hair or makeup.  My mum wasn't so I took my lead from there.  I think together my girl and I will learn how to be dressed well without it taking over her whole personality.

My other daughter on the other hand is more Marmalade Atkins or to use a more recent example, Ugly Betty!  She loves a riot of different colours and wears most of them at the same time!

I love them and pray that I can help them grow to be confident, godly people whether they are immaculately dressed or cute and quirky.  I will probably read this post in 5 years time and find the positions have been reversed.

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