Saturday, 28 November 2009

Please lay the table ..

.. I asked my daughters yesterday. I just meant put out the knives, forks and make sure that the mats are all in the correct place. We were having guests so I didn't take much notice of what they were doing as I was putting the finishing touches to the dinner.

I noticed that they were going backwards and forwards from the Utility Room and Dining Room rather a lot but thought nothing of it. When I went into the Dining Room the table was beautiful. They had discovered the Christmas Runner for the table and found out some serviettes. All the knives and forks were the right way around and they had put the mats out symmetrically. The candles were decoratively placed in the middle of the table. They had done a lovely job and it was far more imaginative than if I had done the job.

Well done girls for your creative spirits. Please don't ever lose it.

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