Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Just to say ....

... the party was lovely. The girls (all 8 of them) were excited. I was pleased that I managed to walk 7 of them home from school safely. We had drinks and biscuits, then the birthday girl opened her presents and loved them all; including the nail varnish and lip-gloss one friend had bought her.

We then played a variety of different games with the usual kind of reactions from the participants. Some were just excited to join in, others complained a little whilst one had complete dramas when things didn't go her way. The other girls came around her and made sure she was OK. We managed to get through it though and everyone seemed happy at the end. The party food looked like a plague of locusts had descended by the end but all went away well fed. And I seemed to get away with a slice of cake and bag of chocolate buttons instead of party bags! Phew.

We shut the door behind the last guest and the peace descended. I didn't realise 8 girls could make so much noise.

As a family we went into operation 'tidy-up' to make the home presentable for the people coming to the Bible Study.

One less party to do. The next one is in January when 'the man about the house' celebrates the big 40. I am still getting over the shock that he has asked for a party.

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