Monday, 2 November 2009

Rediscovering Trust

Last week we were on holiday and had a lovely time. We came back Saturday and had already made the decision that we would attend a different church on the Sunday morning. (We were going to take the Sunday evening off but the girls wanted to go as they didn't have to go to school on the Monday!)

We went to the church that meets across the road from us. When we moved to the town it met about 10 minutes walk away but they needed a bigger building. So now this town has two Churches either side of the road. When we got to church the children were dropped off in the Children's Church; we signed them in and were given half of a tagging system (which is still in my bag!) We then went back to the main church. It was good to be part of a larger church for a while again - no anonymity for us though as many recognised my husband and some knew me. We sat back and worshipped with the singing, praying and were encouraged by the testimonies of God working in the hearts of other Christians.

The message spoke to my heart. The pastor spoke from Judges 7 - Gideon choosing the army to fight the Midianites. God in His will whittled the men down to 300; according to the pastor the Israelite army was at the odds of 450 to 1. An impossible task indeed. We are intelligent 21st Century people and we know that is never going to work. However, God stepped in and the Israelites defeated the Midianites. The pastor encouraged us to think of areas in our lives where we needed to rediscover a trust in God. First in Salvation, then death and the section that spoke to me was living out the Christian life. At the moment I have a problem in my life that seems insurmountable. I truly cannot see any change. I have reacted in ways that haven't helped. The problem is my eldest daughter and her temper tantrums. I love her but I don't know how to stop them. This morning one was triggered because we told her that the school uniform required her to have grey trousers (she wanted black). This piece of information sent the breakfast bowl and cup of milk across the table. I am worn out by the length of time this has been going on for (many years in one form or another). Maybe, God allowed us to go to the other church just so we could hear that. It is impossible for us but He can defeat the tempers and bring back the delightful daughter that every one else sees. And if that doesn't happen then He can give me the courage to face this 'army'. I need to trust God and not just when the circumstances change.

There are other areas that the sermon spoke to but for now that is enough soul-bearing.

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