Thursday, 26 November 2009

Umm, truth being revealed?

I am sure we will find out eventually what the truth behind the intelligence that sent us into war against Iraq is. I remembered I was uneasy at the time. OK, that is a slight understatement. I was against us going to war. I also remember having conversations with friends who tried to assure me that our then PM would not take our country into a war without basis or information that warranted it.

I have also learnt in the intervening years that whilst I may not agree with the Politics that sent our Military into war, I have to support those men and women. I am sure if I took a survey amongst the Military people I know I would get a wide range of different views on this topic.

So we wait for this report to be published in 2011 and then we may have a better idea what was really known about the WMD.

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