Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Embracing my curls

But maybe not that much!  I love Ecological-friendly products but also like a good bargain.  More often than not the two are at opposite ends of the spectrum!  I don't like the thought of all the chemicals I put on my hair (face and body for that matter) to make it look half-way decent.  I have naturally curly hair and my no-products days are long gone.  I don't think bicarb of soda and cider vinegar are going to do much for my barnet either.  So I have been looking for an alternative.  I am discovering natural products are very expensive.  I have found a local company that makes shampoo (whoops sorry cleanser) and conditioners etc and will give them a whirl.  The only problem is the only styling product they sell is wax and I am not sure that will work for me. 

I have discovered products made by companies called Curl Cremes, Crown Pride, Kinky-Curly and Curl Junkie to name a few.  They are all American companies and whilst buying on-line is a lot cheaper, the shipping costs are high and the alternative of buying them through a UK website makes the products themselves more expensive.  I will try some out (in fact, my Curl Jelly arrived from Darcy Botanicals today) but will have to psych myself up to spend that much agauin on hair products.  Maybe, I should just try to make my own .......

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