Sunday, 1 July 2007

The Silver Ring Thing.

So a young girl wants to wear a ring to publically declare her intentions of waiting for sex until she gets married. Her head teacher doesn't want her to because it breaks school uniform codes. Britain has the highest rates of teenage pregnancy in Europe, growing incidents of sexually transmitted infection (STI) and abortion amongst that age-group as well. Surely Lydia Playfoot should be praised for her desire to stay pure. Instead, she is having to take the school to court to argue her right to wear the ring. (I can't believe she is the only girl to want to wear a ring to that particular school.)

May God bless this girl for her stand and may the UK government stop and think about the so-called sex education programme here and think of alternatives that may work more effectively. God designed sex for marriage for a very good reason not just to be a spoil-sport.

I say 'Let the revolution begin' - the one that says 'NO, God had the right idea. I am going to wait.' The rates of teenage pregnancy, abortions and STI would drop dramatically. As a Christian I feel that we have a message of hope in Jesus and that is the education that needs to be promoted in the UK.

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