Tuesday, 10 July 2007

You in your small corner ....

I am reading a variety of books at the moment. One of them I am reading is purely about women around the world. Here is a quote from the Introduction.

The women 'on God's search and rescue team' chosen for this book are not superstars. They were chosen because they have the same ordinary fears and failings we all experience. And while none of these women felt they could take on the world, each one has been willing, by God's grace, to tackle one small corner of it. Take encouragement, as I have, to see what can happen when, as Mother Teresa put it, they simply allowed themselves to become 'pencils in the hand of a writing God, who was sending love letters to the world.'

Just a word of warning. Passionate prayers not only change the world, they have a way of transforming the people who pray them. As God channels His concerns for the world through you, you may find yourself moving out in unexpected ways. This should not come as a surprise. God's goal is to recruit every one of us for His search and rescue team!
True Grit: Women taking on the World, for God's sake. by Deborah Meroff

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