Wednesday, 25 July 2007

Inspiration from God's workers

I am reading a book called 'True Grit' and every week I have a list of prayer items to pray for Christians in countries where they are persecuted. In the book the ladies went to countries where sometimes they didn't even have proper heating or running water. Many of them through the hardships that they lived through suffered from ill health or different kinds. Some of them gave up great things in their home countries. The persecuted Christians suffer many different indignities and torture. These people trust God for their help and strength. They feel the pain and hurt of being rejected. I am sure that they feel the pain of the torture etc.

I am inspired by them as they live for Christ and they know that as the bible says, 'all things work together for the good of those who love Him'. Praise God that there are Christians today who serve Him no matter what befalls them. They know that it isn't about them and their feelings etc but about the awesome power of God. They have grasped the fact that if Christ suffered death on the cross then His followers may be called upon to suffer for Him. They know that this life is only a temporary home and that in heaven they will receive the wholeness of Christ. May I truly desire that.

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