Saturday, 23 June 2007

Where is your centre?

The fact of being Christ-centred provides us the power to be other-oriented, but we cannot be other-centred. We can only orbit around one centre at a time. Concern for others is simply not enough to attract us out of orbit around ourselves, only Christ centredness can free us to be other-oriented. One can only be self-centred or Christ-centred. Being Christ-centred means to please the Lord rather than ourselves. Pleasing the Lord provides us a pure motive for being other-oriented.


And just what is the key that will ensure that Jesus will bail me out? Harking back to Roy Hession, 'The only way to acquire grace is to admit you need it'. By this time I'm ready to admit I need His grace. The really exciting thing at this point (that I may not even recognise) is that I have finally come to an end of myself: I have cone face to face with the fact that my resources are inadequate for effective day-to-day living. This alone will ensure Christ-centredness, which will in turn ensure other-orientedness and the only positive cure for my basic selfishness. Effective day-to-day living is now possible in a way never before considered possible.
'A Humble Confidence: A Christian Perspective on Self-Image' by Dave Ames

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