Sunday, 2 September 2007

A work in progress ......

The Summer Holidays are nearly finished. I am not so good during this time as I am the kind of person who needs the routine of life to work effectively. I achieve far more with deadlines and business then when I have hourse to spare!

Over this summer I have learnt more about my personality and am trying to work against the parts that aren't honouring to Jesus. If I don't worship God as I ought I become too introspective and start looking around at what that person is or isn't doing and then I become disheartened - I become critical of others and myself. The more I seek to worship God the more I realise that I am a huge work in progress and His grace is sufficient for me.

Over the summer I have looked, listened and read many things. I am becoming more convicted that I have got to get out of my safe place haven and get to know people where I live. I have so many opportunities with my college course, my placement, the parents from the girl's classes, the Toddler group etc etc. I must pray diligently that I be a light to Jesus. He will answer that prayer. He has a work for me to do here. I am learning to be grateful for the gifts that God has given me and I now have to use them more and more for His glory. I must be a witness in word and deed. One isn't any good without the other so I have to put each day into the hands of my Lord. He has a plan for my life and I must trust Him daily for it.

I have also learnt that Jesus is all I need. I am to have faith in Him and not what He can give me. He may choose to bless me abundantly materially, emotionally etc but I am to be content in what I have and trust Him no matter the circumstances. Recently, I read 1 Timothy 6 to remind myself of this.

Praise God that He never gives up on His children.

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