Friday, 14 September 2007

From negative to postive - a work in progress!

I am learning more of God and His greatness over the past few months. One of the ways I am learning of it is through His people. I am naturally a negative kind of person and will often look on the bad side of peoples' motives (some would say this comes with the terrority of being a pastor's wife!). I have to fight this part of my personality. I have been blessed to come across Christians in the past year who without realising have been such an influence on my life by being positive about the Lord and other Christians. I thank God for the Internet for that reason. Unfortunately, (like a reformed smoker!!!) I get really sad when I hear such negative comments about fellow Christians. This is not the way I or the body of Christ should be.

I was able to go to the Bible study the other night. The church is working through Galatians and is on Chapter 6. We looked at bearing one another's burdens and that is the responsibility of all of us in a local church fellowship. The passage (verses 1-5) at first appear contradictory but the man leading the bible study clearly set out what it means. The burdens and load mentioned are different. It spoke to me that the load is to do with my responsibility as a Christian; my study of the word, my worship of God, my work that He has prepared for me to do. I sort that out between God and myself. The burdens of others we are to share, to allow others into our lives to let them help us if necessary.

The last few verses of the study (6&7) the man said they refer to the pastor (that being my husband!). He explained the responsibility of the church to look after the pastor because he teaches the word each week. I was amazed to hear the love that some of our church members have for my husband (and myself). As the pastor's wife it was good to hear. Praise God that they are blessed by his preaching and the way he deals with people.

It is my prayer that we both allow the Holy Spirit to work in our lives to continue to be of help to this church, our community, amongst our friends and for me the 'cyber' world I frequent. Those of you out there reading this if you ever notice a negative complaining heart creeping in tell me and by God's grace I will accept your words and deal with it. I know that if that attitude takes hold again I am not much use to God nor man!

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