Thursday, 20 September 2007

Back to College

I have started back at College for another year. I passed my Level 2 of a Child Care qualification and am now onto the higher level. We had the introduction on Wednesday. I was alright until she started talking about needing to think about things on a more supervisory level and the need for us to do a Longitudinal Observation of a child (translation: study one child over a certain period of time!) I have one particular child in mind and will chat about the possibilities of that with my Manager on Monday.

We have to write up regular log diaries of the work we do but this level needs it to be about situations I deal with (eg discussing with a parent about their child) rather than activities I am involved in (painting etc). OK, that sounds more tricky. I wasn't looking forward to it but once I started it I realised that I do like studying. My tutor wants to have a look at what we have written and will advise us if we have understood her instructions! We have to study more about Child Development theories, do more in-depth child observations on various children and also the Longitudinal Observation. I am really looking forward to this course. I do enjoy studying and I like observing how children behave and interact with their peers and adults. Believe it or not I also like studying the legal side of working with Children (eg Child Protection, Health and Safety).

I am also excited to see where this qualification will lead me. I know that God has a place for me and am very interested in finding out. If this year doesn't kill me (and cause my family to dread me looking at another text book!) I would like to study further and obtain a degree eventually. But God knows and for the minute I am going to enjoy this c

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