Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Building 'Church' memories for my children.

I was born and brought up in a Christian home and for that I am thankful. Those who know me in RL know that I don't have many memories (think Dorie the Fish on 'Finding Nemo' and you can't go far wrong!!!) but I do have a few.

Some of the strongest memories I have are of the church I was brought up in and I was reminded of them today whilst listening to a Wes King album.
  • I remember the parties at Christmas when we all piled into the 'Sports Hall' of the church and everyone joined in the games, mostly revolving around food and chocolate.
  • The summer outings when they were whole day affairs consisting of a trip in the morning and races and food in the afternoon. Large trestle tables heaving under the weight of all the vituals so lovingly prepared. I never won any of the races but I packed a decent amount of that food away.
  • The wonderful choruses we used to sing. Led by our lovely Sunday School leader.
  • My Sunday School teachers who taught me so much of the bible. A confirmation of what my parents thought me at home.
  • Learning bible verses so I could get my Covenantors badge and the coloured pieces of felt that went with it!
  • Having a service long 'foot-fight' with my brother and then being really told off by mum.
  • The old godly Christians who took time with us young children and befriended us and prayed for us as well.
  • Mum and dad's friend who would come around often for meals and the presents he would give us at Christmas.
And the list goes on. I really want my children to have similar memories of church. They love it at the moment but I want them to cherish what they do at our Fellowship. It is part of my job to build them for mine and the other children we are blessed with here.

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