Sunday, 12 August 2007

The wonder of Parenting.

Parenting is a tremendous experience and responsibility. I have been blessed with my children and I love them to pieces. Sometimes, when talking to other parents I feel as if I am an alien from another planet. Some parents will describe their experience of parenting and it is not one I can relate to at all; they appear never to say a positive word about their offspring. My road to being a parent was long and painful so I had many a long hour to reflect. My children have been incredibly frustrating at times but often I have to remind myself of the long years when the sound of their voices (either happy, yelling or whatever!) weren't there. That is a good wake-up call.

Kristy in 'She's having a baby' whispers to Jake 'We're blessed' at some stage of the film (can't remember where as it is many years ago I watched it and the walkng-encyclopaedia that is my husband is not around to ask ) and that is how I feel. The song 'Apron Strings' from that film would reduce me to tears of sadness and pain but now it brings tears of joy (and the occasional 'tear you hair out moment!') My husband and I are indeed blessed. God has entrusted me with our children and I must parent them with the love He shows us. Parenting is a hands-on job and I must be prepared to 'get my hands dirty'. May I take my responsibilities seriously and prayerfully and train them in the way they should go.

Thank God, for blessing me as a mummy.

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