Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The question is .....?

Does anyone else ask themselves random questions?  Here is a selection of the ones that float through my head.
  1. Why can my husband hear supersonic sounds through walls but cannot hear me when I ask a question?
  2. What age should females stop wearing mini-skirts?
  3. Or does it matter if we show are wrinkly knees?  (I hope not because my most recent sewing project is shorter than I planned due to a lack of fabric!)
  4. If my phone is in my pocket, why does the alarm to alert me to the fact that I need to take my Warfarin still make me jump after all this time of taking the drug?
  5. Why do you not have time to read?
  6. Why does my laugh sound like it would be at home in a fish market?
  7. Why do slugs like beer?
  8. How can my youngest daughter sing for a hour non-stop?
  9. What have spiders done to gain their bad name?
  10. How can Dr Who regenerate again when he has used up his regeneration count?
  11. Did Rosencrantz and Guildernstern know they were dead?
  12. Did Sam Beckett ever make it home?
  13. How did someone decide that Salty Caramel would be a good flavour to try?
  14. Why does English English use more letters than American English?
  15. How come I can never find the right word when I need it?
  16. Why are jokes about flatulence always funny no matter how old you are?  (They aren't, is that just me then?)
  17. Why does everyone have an artistic talent of some description?
  18. What did I come into the room for?
  19. Do I always get to embarrass my children?
  20. Why did I write this blog post?

And  now a homage to a little boy who asked lots of questions:

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