Monday, 3 June 2013

So Long, Farewell.

No, not to the world of blogging, but to my Surgeon.  Today is 16 weeks since my Surgery and, I went for my 6 week check-up.  I am glad their surgery was better than their administration!  :)  In fact, I did not even get to see the Surgeon as I was seen by one of his Registrars.  As I only have met my Surgeon twice (technically 3 times but one of those I was somewhat anaesthetised. :) ), I did not mind one bit.  It was nice to see the Registrar's familiar smile.  He asked a lot of questions, checked the state of the scar, listened to my lungs and the valve.  I was then sent for an ECG, after which I was discharged. 

So, all being well that will be the last I see of that Surgical team.  I still have an appointment with my Cardiologist next week but am hoping the same thing will happen; a quick turn-about appointment with no further follow-up necessary. 

I like that sort of goodbye. 

I was not so keen on the one the other day though.  Last week we went on holiday to a quaint little cottage on the edge of Dartmoor.  Dartmoor is a wonderful place to visit.  I love being back home but really miss the rugged countryside that we drove past every day.  I  miss the sheep and ponies that decided a road was definitely a good place to sit down and rest.  We had a lot of sunshine on our holiday; Dartmoor is exquisite in the sun.  The drama of the place is seen during bad weather.  I love Dartmoor and it is the only place that I would happily return for a rest.

Auf weidersehen,  Dartmoor National Park.  Until the next time.

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