Thursday, 27 June 2013

I have been sewing again for over a month now.  So far I have made:
  • A dress for daughter number 2.  (Made from old material I have bought years ago.)
  • A dress for daughter number 1.  (Made from material bought very cheap from a local shop.)
  • A dress for me.  (Made from material bought in a charity shop.)
  • A wrap-around skirt for me.  (Made from material I was given a long time ago.)  I used the techniques found on this blog but used a dress pattern that I have.  Thanks to Tilly and the buttons for the very clear instructions, it really helped.  If you want help learning to sew, then this is a great place to go.
  • A wrap-around dress.  (I got the material from a market stall in Plymouth.  And it isn't finished yet.)
  • A reversible bag.
I bought a stack of cloth from an online web shop and have found other places that sell cheap fabric.  I just need to work out how I can get to them.  The material I got has been earmarked for lots of different projects; and whilst it was good I may not buy a 'Lucky Dip' selection again.

I have learnt lots of lessons since starting to sew.  Here are some of them:
  • Read the instructions until you understand what it is saying before going anywhere near the sewing machine.
  • Measure twice, cut once.  To be fair, I learnt that one years ago but it is a good one to remember.
  • I need to replace the light bulb on my machine, it only went over 15 years ago!
  • Pressing the seams is a great thing to do and makes the clothes a lot easier to work with.
  • There are a load of fantastic sewing blogs out there, they are a great read.  They make beautiful clothes.
  • I have realised that I like clothes from the 1940s era.
  • Sewing goes way beyond clothes as I have found a bag and hat pattern that I will be trying soon.
  • Once you start it is difficult to stop thinking of different items that you would like to sew.
  • Youtube is like the village teacher as there are many different videos out there with instructions on how to make lots of great garments or how to get a certain technique correct.  
  • Sewing is a creative outlet for me.  I enjoy watching the fabric turn into something useful and good to look at.
  • It does one's soul good to make something you can be proud of.
So finally, my old sewing machine is getting a good workout and heres to many more projects.

Let me leave with photos of the latest item:

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