Thursday, 30 August 2012

Stop growing now, I tell you.

I am the mum of 2 girls.  Over the years they have caused me great joy and also, tremendous sadness and grief.  This past 12 months have seem them grow; physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.  We are coming to the end of our summer break and all of us have had a good time. 

My youngest is lanky and has nearly managed to be as tall as me.  :)  She is cheeky, clever, strong-willed and determined, to give her a few adjectives.  If you can capture her imagination and interest she just flies away and the sky is her limit.  Over the summer we decided to introduce a 'reading after bedtime' routine.  It has encouraged her to read books and she would even say she 'sort of' likes reading now.  She has spent hours playing at the 'Olympics' and devised many different sports that she has won gold in all of.  Her big sister is going to Senior School in September and she has had to adapt to what that means; no longer will they do everything together and TJ will have some privileges that she will have to wait for.  Her love of animals continue to grow and she has had the wonder of visiting a number of farms this August.

Our eldest might be physically smaller but everyone knows she is the eldest.  She can hold her own in any company and is learning to speak her mind.  Her independence has grown enormously as she has gone to church camp and spent a day at a riding stables.  An abiding memory I will have of her is saying 'Trot on Millie' to the horse that is refusing to do what it is told - TJ can make her.  Her love of books is as integral to her as breathing.  She is facing the massive change of Senior School with amazing strength and excitement (exactly the same characteristics she showed when we first adopted her - brave).  She can be the most amazing helpmate in any task and is often by our side helping out.  

My girls are the best of friends and worst of enemies.  That can change in a millisecond but this picture encapsulates how they have been this summer (2012).

So thanks girls for this summer.  I pray that God will continue to be with you and that you continue to grow in all ways as you are doing now.  I am sure that we will have our moments (we are red-haired for goodness sake) but it is a blessing to be regarded as your mum.

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