Monday, 6 August 2012

Let me recommend one for you.

Today was quite a day.  It included dropping off one daughter at a camp, visiting a Christian music festival, spending time with relatives and eating lots of bad food.

I also had to phone up the Tax Credit office to update some facts and figures.  I was, however, able to make the lovely operative's day when I knew what she was studying at University.  I managed to get the one person who was training to be a Cardiac Physiologist!  So my 'interested in anything medical' head was able to be really fascinated as she told me about the Echo scans, ECG etc she was learning to perform .  My 'patient' head could not believe that I cannot get away from Cardiology.  The funny thing about all of this is if I was not having the procedures I would love to watch what was going on as the structure and workings of the human body are totally amazing.

Oh, and in the course of the phone call I picked up yet another recommendation for a different 'top' Cardiology Hospital. :)  Life is funny.

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