Sunday, 22 July 2012

One more step along the world we go.

My eldest daughter had her Leavers' Assembly from Primary School the other day.  I cried real tears that rolled down my cheeks when all of the Year 6 pupils sang 'Sing'.  (I have officially become someone who can cry at the drop of a hat.)  My heart was full of many emotions during that asembly and my eyes did not leave my girl.  She looked  like a very big version of the girl I first saw just over 9 years ago: a delicate-framed, red-haired cutie only this time her eyes were confident.  I was full of pride for her and because of her achievements.  She is leaving her Primary Education with a good report, a friendly personality, good results, and a marvellous smile.

This time last year her class was mixed around and she lost some of her friends.  I was not pleased but in retrospect no harm was done.  Change and loss can be difficult for her, but she worked through it and coped.  Again.  She went away on her first camp in May and thoroughly enjoyed herself.  She tackled activities that would have been hard for her but she was up for it and achieved them.

This past school year she has realised her dream of having horse riding lessons, told us of her decision to become a Christian, worked hard at dealing with her negative emotions and actions that come out of them, progressed academically, made some new friends, become more demonstrative in her affection towards us, read loads of books, coped with the disappointment of ALL her birthday and Christmas presents failing to do what they should and needing replacing, shown independence and that is naming but a few.

She is looking forward to her transition to Senior Education.  She is going forward with a positive attitude towards it, true belief in her abilities, excitement at what this next stage of her life will bring, a small faith in Jesus, discovering new friends in school and out.  We have given her a little dictionary that we hope she will treasure as much in the future as she did when we gave it to her on Friday.

Our road to this point has been long and sometimes incredibly hard but it was good to see the fledgling that is emerging.  My prayer for you is that you keep going in your faith in Jesus, in what you can achieve through Him and the abilities He has given you.

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Shelley said...

Such a beautiful tribute and a beautiful young lady ~ and a wonderful way to wrap up a post.

I am secretly happy that you cry more easily, welcome to my world ~ lol