Thursday, 26 July 2012

The Colour Maroon

I am in the middle of a crazy period of my life as I wait for invasive tests and heart surgery.  I have had 'white coat hypertension' for years.  I have no choice but to learn to deal with it.

Not long into this journey someone sent me a small Maroon Journal with the names of Jesus inscribed on the front and Bible verses at the bottom of each page.  I already have a Diary which I write in on a regular basis; I started during Lent this year and have carried on.  That one will not be filled for ages and I wanted to use the new Journal so decided to write down things that encouraged, cheered or helped me.  I actively look for things which are positive and it is amazing how much is out there.  A lot of what I have written is from the Bible or hymns which speak to me but not all.  I look back through the book and see how much I have collected in a short time of writing.  Just having the Journal is a reminder that God is providing things which encourage me on a regular basis; it is a great way to help the memory loss of good things I so frequently suffer from!  It also means I get to write in my special ink pen which is way over 20 years old and was given to me by my Grandad (as far as I can remember.)  My childhood tin pencil case has also made a re-entry into everyday use.

So most days you will see my pile of books: Bible: 'Sketches by Boz' and my Journal placed somewhere around the house, all a beautiful shade of Maroon.  A colour which is increasingly coming to mean something positive, good and helpful.

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