Sunday, 17 June 2012

Silly Songs with Larry.

Living with the knowledge that you are going to have open heart surgery is a strange experience.  And nothing like I imagined.  Not that I really sat around trying to imagine it.  I have already learnt lessons about myself and how to deal with other people in difficult situations.

For example, how not to:  (A replay of a conversation I had the other day with someone I know.)
Me:  I am glad they found out about it and that I can have the surgery when I am fit and healthy
Person:  Oh, I don't know.  I think they find out too much nowadays.  In the old days the first you would know about it was when you dropped down dead after a heart attack!  That's right isn't' it?  (Question referred to someone else).
Me:  Well, I am glad they have found out.
Thankfully, at that point I had to be somewhere else and was able to leave before I received any more helpful advice and comfort.  True story.

For example, how to help:
I have had a number of people genuinely offer help of any kind when I need it; looking after the children, cooking, shopping etc.  I will take them up on these offers when I know how they can best help.

I am learning to use humour as a useful tool to help me.  I discovered the other day that I will be part Cyberman when I have my new valve!  "As fleshy parts wear out and are replaced with shiny metal, emotions drop out and land with a splat on the floor."  And there is also something slightly amusing about being on the same medications as my parents.

Over the years I have been anxious about many things and could be classed as a worrier.  I am learning to prioritise.  A lot of things are just are not important.  The Bible and prayer have become more important again.  Unfortunately, it has taken a major health issue to show me these things. 

Shush, do not tell anyone but I am learning how to use relaxation techniques in order to keep calm.  (My Evangelical Christian radar sensors are still slightly twitchy at this thought.)  I have a few CDs that were given to me by my Cardiac Nurse (well mine and all her other patients but it makes me feel special).  I am to try them twice a day but once is more realistic.  Whilst I certainly do not agree with the sentiments the lady on one CD expresses the music and the sound of her calm voice are helpful.


Shelley said...

Oh my life!! I thought this was going to turn into a ... and Larry is having open heart surgery!!

Wow ... I'm curious to know what made you think you had something wrong. I don;t think you've ever hinted at this in any blog post.

But the truth is the GREAT physician is in your corner and all is going to be fine and your attitude is just perfect. Would love to know when surgery is scheduled so I can pray for you.

PS I could gently 'bless' the type of people who dish out less than encouraging comments arrrgghh!!! But then you are the Pastor's wife ... so smile sweetly dear, smile sweetly (gag) lol

TheMaskedSparrow said...

Shelley - I wrote about the diagnosis in "A difference a word" makes. I went to get my lungs checked out because of colds (I have asthma.) The GP was concerned and eventually referred me for tests. I am physically fine and have no symptoms. I will keep you posted on dates etc.

Shelley said...

Oh wow - I'll read your other post ... amazing what they can figure out from a cold ... wow Yes please keep me posted!