Wednesday, 6 June 2012

God save the Queen

I have just enjoyed a whole weekend of Royal watching.  It was great.  I got my TV licence renewed for this (and the Olympics and the Christmas Dr Who, of course!)

I loved watching the Flotilla, the highlights of the Concert (best part was Madness on the roof and the fantastic computer display on Buckingham Palace), the service at St Paul's Cathedral, the beautiful outfits of the Queen and other Royals.  The Queen seemed a little lost without her consort, Prince Philip though.

As a Brit I have been taught to queue from a very early age.  Watching the Police lead the people down the Mall in time for the start of the appearance of the Queen on the Balcony was amazing to watch.  We queue a lot here and by gum, we do it well.

My overall, best part of the weekend is this song.  It is so catchy and the 'making of' documentary was lovely.  Well done, Gary Barlow and the Commonwealth Band.  :)

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Shelley said...

Hi there, I was also able to watch it from Canada too. I PVR'da special that I still have to see but I caught the ending with the concert and the fireworks. I cried as the fireworks went off to Land of Hope and Glory lol. Thanks for a Queen who has shown huge amounts of integrity over the years ... glad you could get your license renewed :D Especially love that you like the Dr Who Christmas specials lol ... me too!